List (eng. Leaf) is a textile and surface pattern design studio located in Zagreb, Croatia. We focus on hand drawing, pattern making and creating one of a kind, unique and sustainable products for your home. Every pattern and illustration is originally hand-painted using watercolors and ink pens.

Fresh, modern, colorful and joyful fabric and home products are inspired by nature, urban landscapes and geometry. We are traying to cepture beautiful moments trought color and shapes.

Using natural fabrics we are achieving a light and organic texture of the final product. For base cloths we use natural fabrics: cotton, linen and linen/cotton blends.

Our patterns are inspired by our natural, botanical and urban surroundings. Printed on soft and natural fabrics, our patterns will add joyful, botanical feel into any home.

We believe that you can change the way your living or working space feels with the right kind of textiles, prints and colors used in your home.
It can add warmth and feeling of soft coziness, festivity, peace and also it can dramatically accentuate certain parts of space and reflect the way you see your surroundings.