Storage basket - Petals in the sunset

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Linen fabric storage baskets are great for storing and organizing small items in your home, office or studio. Use them as planters, for storing fruit, bread, cookies, toys, pencils or anything that comes to your mind.

Inspired by tiny flower petals which fall into the water and are moving around the river banks, dancing along the water currents.

Pattern is a part of our movements collection and it is made out of a large number of tiny sketches originally painted in watercolors and then printed on fabric. The idea was to bring together fluidity of the patterns, movements of natural elements and durability of linen fabric.
Each pattern is unique and represents a different feeling, mood and change in nature. Much like the moody weather in spring and early summer. Constantly changing, bringing strong rains and wind in one moment and bright sunshine and lustrous colors in the next. Soft and bold at the same time. 


  • Material: Prewashed linen outside and shade fabric inside.
  • Size: 15x20 cm  
  • Machine wash warm 30°, shrinkage 4%.
  • Made in Zagreb, Croatia

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