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Both stylish and practical, pure linen bag with cotton string is designed as a sustainable storage solution. Linen storage bags are breathable, nontoxic, natural, soft, and make a perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room, kids room or bathroom.

They can be used:

* as food storage for bread, nuts, vegetables, fruit, and cookies
* for buying produce in bulk as a perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags
* at the dinner table for serving bread or cookies
* for storing and organizing items such as toys, your laundry, accessories or whatever comes to your mind.

Inspired by nature, we care for slow living, slow design, and that our products are sustainable and long-lasting. A "Pure" print, with added botanical print for extra charm, will remind you to take it slow, be patient and to be present in the moment.

43 cm x 30 cm / 17''x 12''

100% Natural linen

Machine wash warm 30°( 95 F), tumble dry low. While washing linen in a machine, use mild detergent, set a gentle cycle. It can shrink up to 4%.

Made in Zagreb, Croatia


- Antibacterial: Linen is one of the purest fabrics available anywhere
- Linen is incredibly absorbent while still feeling dry to the touch.
- Due to its natural hollow fibers, it can absorb moisture much more than any other material including cotton. 
- Linen is 30% stronger than cotton, which makes it much more durable for usage around the home. 
- Eco friendly:  When you choose linen, you help the environment as linen typically uses much less harmful pesticides and
fertilizers than cotton for example.

Linen fabric is deeply rooted in Croatian tradition and folklore. Folk costumes and household textiles like kitchen and bathroom towels were all made of linen which was produced from linen fiber and flax. Flax was the main fiber used for folk dress, household linen, and decorative textiles which were passed on from generation to generation.
Natural linen makes a fresh and elegant addition to your home decor.

By shopping with our small business, you make the decision to support fair trade artisans and we thank you for buying handmade.

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